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Private Instruction.

Imagine you wanted to run a mile in 7-minutes, so you decided to get a coach. Your coach would help you train by giving you exercises that made you stronger, creating a meal plan to fuel your body, and checking to ensure you were meeting your goals. Your coach will help you create a plan to realize your goals; but, the work will be yours. It is your race. You must prepare. Your coach will support, encourage and hold you accountable. The work is all yours.

Group Coaching.

It is easy to feel alone in your challenges, especially if those in your day-to-day life are not dealing with similar issues or creating similar goals. Group coaching offers a supportive environment to work through like issues and offer support and support others as you grow. You will benefit from learning with others, as each participant offers knowledge to contribute to the collective wisdom of the group. Not only do you have the benefit of a coach, you also have the benefit of others who are seeking growth.

Corporate Training.

teach what the engineer did not learn in school and what the real estate agent did not need to get a license. At B. Well, we specialize in ensuring your team has the soft skills, or relational skills, that allow for success in the workplace. We teach individuals and groups how to create a healthy work environment for themselves and their teammates. B. Well helps make your company a place that feels good to work. We offer training in mindfulness, emotional intelligence, coaching skills, diversity and team building.

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